Sunday, October 4, 2015

Journal Entry

I haven't been on this blog in ages and actually written something. I check it every day and it's frustrating that I don't have anything to post on here. I decided to write about my experience thus far working with kids and as a teacher. I am not going to say it's easy it most definitely is not easy. If you choose to work with kids you really have to have the passion for it because as we all know teachers don't get paid enough for the work that they do. I worked with various different age groups at my center. I have also worked at different centers in my area as well, and all I can say is each experience I face is one that will have a great effect in my future plans working with kids. I love working with kids and my dream is do someday run my own daycare. Working as a teacher in a daycare center is challenging because you see a lot that most parents would never think of or expect to see at a daycare. Although my dream of running my own daycare may or may not happen it's still my dream or My Goal of where I hope to someday I'll end up. All I can say is for anyone going into the field, be patient and make sure you stay positive, always keep in mind that you are there for the kids, your passion. Learn as much as you can while you can, don't stop learning and take every opportunity given to you to work with kids. I have done everything from babysitting, nannying, tutoring, becoming an assistant teacher for religious education for Sunday school (even though I had no idea what I was doing). I have been with kids from infant to 11 + years old, and have loved every minute of it. Although now I love being around the infants more than any other age because the baby bug has bit me and I want one of my own.

I have to admit there was a time in my life where my passion felt like it was fading and that really scared me and so I created this blog to inspire me and keep me going at following my dream. I know that I don't know if my dream will ever come true or not but I do know that it's my dream, my goal and my focus to keep going no matter what and I mean NO MATTER WHAT!

Well that's all for right now, I have and am still working on a few things that I will hopefully post one of these days.

Thank You so much for visiting my blog
Take Care

Monday, March 30, 2015

Toddler Teacher - Entry 1

Here we go again a new class and a new beginning. Although I have to say I love this class because the kids are so funny without realizing it. They are silly and weird at the same time. I love and adore each one of them. The best feeling in the world (at work ) is when they greet me in the morning, every morning. My heart melts when I see them smile and laugh, all I want to do is give them hugs and kisses. I have never realized until recently how much I love kids and I'm ready for my own. I don't have kids yet but my hope is this year we will be pregnant.

Being a teacher now in the toddler room has been very rewarding because at the same time I'm learning so much about them. I am also learning  how to make sure I am loving and consistent with what behaviors I accept and what I will not accept. On top of all of that I hug and kiss them at the end of the day when it's been a long day and I love it, because they make me happy.

I've always loved kids, I think it's their innocents and freedom of just being a kid that makes me happy. I can't explain it.

There have been days where they are very naughty but I've come to realize that they are funny, smart and little mischievous one and a half year  olds. It's hard to get mad mad or be upset with them for long, because at the end they are just so cute.

I've been in this class for a couple months now and I've been enjoying watching them go from barely talking to start talking and I'm actually understanding what they are saying. When I sit down at their level I'm tackled with my kids and I call them my babies. It's beautiful to have an impact on these kid's lives and to just be able to teach them and watch them grow and transition in to new milestone in their little lives. Can you tell I have the baby itch? Well I'm currently working on a few things right now and haven't really had the time to post new activities just yet. I hope you have a great day.
I just got two new teachers in my class, it's both exciting and scary because I hope we're able to get along and work well together as a team.
I'm officially starting to slowly potty train the kids it's definitely a learning experience but it's do able.

Happy and Blessed to have a job I love and enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


There is nothing more that I love to see than when children get excited because they believe they can read. Today for example during circle time I pulled out a book that they absolutely love for some reason and they have pretty much memorized it because I have read it so much. Every time I read this book I do it in a different way then the last time I read it . So this time I took out my teacher pointer and I asked the class if they knew what the book was called and as they said the title I followed along the words and then I told them I was surprised that they knew how to read. Now I do realize that they had memorized the title as well as all the words and that is okay, because to me they are now connecting the words to the story and the way the words are spelled. By time nap time rolled around all the kids were excited to grab a book and read before the lights turned off. I have been doing this for a while and they are pretty much used to my routine that after lunch once their cots are out they need to grab a book and read. Even if they don't know how to read yet, they can look at the pictures and they do. Today they sat down and read to themselves, one little boy even thought he was reading the title while pointing to the words. Getting my kids excited about reading is exciting for me because I see how proud they are that they know how to read. Their favorite book is called
"There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly". We have also started sight words too, so reading is a big part of learning these sight words and the more the "Read" (even though they don't know how yet) the better it is for them to pick up on these sight words.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Thrift store, Target and Dollar store Haul video

This is my haul video of things I purchased this weekend, I had to quickly make a video so that I can show everyone what I found at dirt cheap prices at these three stores. I am also taking a few of the items to work tomorrow which I am excited about as well. I hope you like this video, Enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Teacher Haul Video Part 1

These are a few items I recently purchased for my new PREK class which I have already taken over but this haul is really for the new Fall class that starts September 8th. It is so exciting to have my own class, that I can have the freedom to decorate and do what ever I want in it. I have been planning for my move since last month . I hope you can take ideas from this video and maybe you will be able to come up with your own activities using the items I have found. Please note however, you may not find these exact items, but keep these ideas in mind if you find something similar. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Upcoming School Year

I am super thrilled that I will be getting a new class this upcoming fall term. I started as a Prek co-teacher and it was strange at first but still very exciting. I am sad to say that my previous co-teacher (the current Prek teacher) will be leaving us at the end of the month. The kids absolutely adore him, he too has been a great mentor and confidence booster in my first year of teaching. In fact when I started in his class, I was the one who suggested the star system, I was confused, unsure and not very confident in trying it and keeping up with it. He made it happen, amazed and proud of this accomplishment of our students earning stars and changing their behavior has been truly amazing. I guess the part where he gave me confidence is just watching how he took my idea and implemented it in the class with the students. I feel now I can use any idea I come up with, I just need to follow through with it. I have to also be honest the behavior chart in my current class, well lets just say (I never followed through with it), it was difficult to keep buying prizes everyday so I scratched out the idea. I do have to say that sometimes there are students who will do something and try to earn a prize. I guess my whole Idea with the prize system is to encourage behavior that I wanted to see and eventually get to the point where I don't need to give out prizes for students to do things they should naturally do in the classroom like, picking up the toys.

My excitement of the upcoming class year and being in the class I started out in, just has me on over load of ideas I want to accomplish this school year. So I have been doing some research, checking out teaching sites, and gaining some knowledge on how some teachers organize and manage their classroom. I am excited to learn and grow some more as my first year of teaching. I truly hope I can improve and grow as a teacher at this center. My eagerness to grow and keep learning/growing is especially important to me, this has been my dream and I feel it's finally come true. That all on it's own is exciting add the fact that I get the class I want makes it the icing on the cake. Yes I do have worries, but none the less I am super excited to say the least. 
This time around I will have to be super organized, so that I am well prepared next year too. By the way it will be a full year working at my center in February 20th to be exact (I noted the date on my calendar last year). I feel like this is all experience to me and it's so exciting at the same time. Oh don't get me wrong, I do get stressed and Do go crazy with some of the kids and being a teacher is hard, But I make it work for me. At the end of the day, I love connecting with my kids even playing with them out in the playground or talking to them while coloring a picture is fun to me, you learn a lot from the many little conversations and I get to be silly with them. I love my job, and until I start hating it which I hope I won't any time soon, I will continue to be excited and eager to learn and grow as a teacher, after all this is my dream. One day I hope to have my own center but for now it's just exciting to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible. 

I do have a teacher planner that I made that also goes along with this blog because my hopes is to connect the two sharing all my experiences as a first time teacher and the things I have learned along the way. I will share my teacher/blog planner in an upcoming post and will post a video on my youtube channel. As for right now it's still a work in progress. 
Take care everyone, please leave any comments or advice below about what you have learned from your first year of teaching. I will take any advice I can get just so I make this upcoming school year an even better one. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Classroom Rules

Well this is my first summer using a curriculum book, it is so much easier than the fall curriculum but I still feel unorganized. When I first started as a preschool teacher I was so excited but taken back because there were no rules, and I struggled coming up with rules in my classroom especially because the year had already started. I was in the middle of transitions from the Pre-K to the preschool so it was confusing to say the least. I finally feel I have some handle on the rules and my class's behavior problems. Today  ended well when a parent said she liked the idea of my rules so much that she wanted to implement the same idea at home. When I first started working as a teacher at my center, I started a star chart in the Pre-K classroom, and my co-teacher at the time took over and it's been going on for nearly four or five months now and I am amazed and thrilled how well it worked. Of course my co- teacher did a little tweaking of his own by putting up pictures of each of the rules, which I wished I had thought of that. I took his idea of the pictures and the basic rules he has for his class, then I added my star chart. I thought it wouldn't work so well but the kids actually understand the rules, they just choose not to follow them. I have to admit I did bribe them a little but only for good behavior I saw, boy was it exciting to see how they really wanted a prize from my prize box. I like to encourage reading and writing, and I added some fun stuff too, but I just shop at my nearest dollar store.
Here is what I get:
pencil pack (a few very colorful ones)
some eraser packs as well (they have sports, cars, space related ones too)
packs of reward stickers ( a pack of four small boxes with some stickers inside)
a few packs of the party treat bags (whistles, bracelets, rings, noise makers, pinball game, spinners, these come in packs of 4-8 inside so it's super cheap and it excites the kids).
Once I run low I just go to the store spend maybe a few more dollars max is 15 dollars depending on what I get.
But I also have a special prize box with a bit more expensive prizes. Let me explain though, it's to encourage more good behavior and so the kids don't just go for the "special prizes" I keep them in a different box. My special prize box has things such as super hero pencils, pencil case, erasers, sharpeners, note books but I also have the same type of stuff for the girls in the princess type stuff.

My Rules are:
sit in circle time
listen to your teachers
zip your lips in line
use indoor voice
keep hands to myself
walk instead of running
help clean up the toys

So my basic routine is after snack we sit in the circle and we ask ourselves Did I...(fill in the blank) and if they got all of the rules for that day they choose a star and place it next to their names and at the end of circle time I bring out my prize box and let only the children that received a star get a prize. You would be surprised because once they see the prize box they swarm around, just to see what's inside and if they could choose a prize too.

Some thing as simple as rules may seem hard because you really have to consider the age of the kids you are working with, and how to get them to focus on the rules too. Since I started using this star chart  this past week, I have tried to include the parents of those who have a hard time with my rules and choose not to follow them.  I tell my parents to encourage their kids to follow the rules at school so they can earn a star. I can't explain the excitement of one of my previous students who moved to the Pre-K classroom, when he gets a star for behaving it is a priceless moment. To think he was one of the most misbehaved in my class not too long ago. Their parents  get so excited too, which makes me really happy for them. For the Pre-K classroom, their class prize is an ice cream party at the end of the month. I just hope I have as much success in my classroom too and so far we are on the right track.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Starting the summer off right

Next week we start the summer term and there is a lot to plan and do. I'm nervous and excited. Nervous because I'm not sure how I will be able to do everything before we start, but at the same time I'm excited because at least this time around I know exactly what to expect and to plan accordingly.
I have a few things in mind as well for the fall, but lets not jump too far ahead. I want my summer students to have the ability to take some stuff home to work on. No not homework, instead some activities that will involve their parents to participate.
About a week ago I found a couple of bags at the dollar store and decided to make them in to take home bags.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pre-K Teacher -Entry 6-10

Well these past few weeks have been a challenge at work. I'm now the preschool teacher for the three year old room. I have 20 students in my classroom ofcourse also an assistant teacher and boy it is really challenging to say the least. We are down to the last unit now before summer starts. Some times I feel like I'm just running around, trying to get things in order.
I feel its been a struggle because I keep moving from one class to the next and the kids just haven't gotten used to me yet.
Even though there are challenging moments, I still love my job especially the support I have from my fellow teachers, and it means a lot too being new to this.
Last week was dreadful but its starting to look up and I'm starting to feel more accomplished now too.
I feel like I have more of a handle on my class, lol ofcourse bribing always helps.
I enjoy my students better when I'm having fun playing with them and doing things like drawing with them. Lately its the boys that are acting up in class. One in particular that starts everything and the rest just follow. A baby when his mommy is around, such a faker lol.... But  when she leaves its a full 360. Most kids are like that, sad really and nerve racking. I hope this helps anyone who can relate or is curious about a classroom full of kids. Its my release, clearing my thoughts for the day/week and coming back with a plan.
Until next time

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pre-K Teacher- Entry 5

Work has been keeping me super busy these past few weeks, which is why I have not put up a post in a while. Last week I had my Pre-K class all to myself because my co-teacher was out for the week, he is also out this week too and won't return until Monday. It has been challenging. Well honestly it doesn't feel that bad, I mean it could be even more challenging but it really isn't and I suppose it's really because I have been around them since I started working at my center. Even though, a few weeks prior I was out of my class for a week, I still talked to my kids ,encouraged them to get stars and continued to tell them how proud I was of them when they got a star for good behavior. Last week the behavior problem mostly not listening, was a challenge to keep them occupied during an activity. I know that they say always have a back up for the kids, if and when they finish with an activity so they stay busy. I guess it's my fear that they still won't listen to my directions of what to do if they are done with an activity. Our room isn't very big and they all love the sand table but it can only fit four people comfortably which leaves me with six people who need my attention, and on top of that we have had kids hit or push even scratch other kids if they don't get something they want. I have been trying different things out this week, keeping only two activities out at a time and today I moved it up to three and managed to rotate the kids until we got ready to go outside. I don't stress about little things like that because I have learned how to manage them. Some how I have been doing an okay job managing them alone, it's not easy but it's worth doing.
 My favorite part of my day is when I see them in the morning, enter the class and say good-bye to their parents. Mornings are usually a challenge, because it's my time to prepare for the activities ahead. This morning I amazingly managed to keep the boys from running around and play fighting (super hero is the all new rage), I had them do one of our floor puzzles and as for the girls they always like to play in the library area, so I told them in order to stay in this area they had to read and they did!
Circle time was an even bigger challenge because they can't sit still for too long, and majority of my time is spent telling them to face me and listen. Which reminds me to take note to change that, maybe I should cut circle time to 15 min tops. I like to evaluate and re-evaluate my approach to the class and how I do things with my kids. Today I had them sitting down so we were able to get through the good morning song with a talking stick (or wand), yesterday I split my circle time because they were getting restless and I should have done it this time but I didn't, oh well maybe tomorrow I will try it. For the most part listening is the biggest problem in my class, some kids feel entitled to do whatever they want and that includes not listening if they don't want to.
 After lunch is nap time well lunch is served between 11:30-12:30, the kids have to be on their cots by 12:30. What I have been doing because I need them contained while I clean the spilled milk, and food off the floor. I have a rule that they must be reading some where quietly while I finish cleaning and putting out the cots for nap. We also recently had the bookmobile so we have some books they love to read,  like SuperHero books and princess books so those are left for when I need them to get on their cots and stay quiet until the lights turn off, then I collect all the books. I strongly believe that they should build good reading habits especially before taking a nap or going to bed. My goal is to eventually get them all to want to pick up a book and read. Last week I had some Spider Man books, the boys were beyond excited just because it was Spider Man. They wouldn't stop asking if they could read them. The funny thing is, is that they don't know how to read just yet. But I feel like even just opening the book and looking at the pictures gets their mind going and I love it.
I typically spend most of my day lately anyways, yelling at them to not run or do something they know they shouldn't be doing. They drive me nuts sometimes but it's moments when they make me laugh that makes it all worth it. One little boy said that he thought he was falling in love with me (this was said during our morning circle time). What can I do other than laugh. There is a little girl who is obsessed with one of the boys, she likes to make it known that she likes this boy, I just laugh and wonder if true love really does exist at four years old. That's why I got in to this line of work, it's not fun if you can't laugh and really enjoy what you do, also playing with the kids is fun too. Today was so beautiful outside, I took the kids out and the three year old class joined my class eventually, as soon as they saw me playing with my kids( there were four left that hadn't been picked up yet) all the kids swarmed towards me and wanted to play.  I chased them and then they chased me, but it was fun because I got my exercise and I wore them out. They even locked me up in jail, of which then I freed myself and chased them some more. I love the sight of kids laughing and running around especially if I get to play with them. I truly am blessed to have a job I absolutely love, I can't ask for anything more. My only advice to anyone who wants to go towards their dream is, be careful what you wish for, because when you get what you want, you better be prepared to handle anything that comes your way. This is what I asked for and I got it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Miss K

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pre K Teacher-Entry 4

My third week is finally over, although I haven't been working with my class I do hear and some times peek over to see  the things they are working on. I truly miss my class, I was switched to a class next door with the kids who are between 3-4 years old and they are a handful. Most don't listen and it can be frustrating at times when a few of them have major meltdowns because they don't get their way. With that said I introduced the "Give me five" rug rules to them as well. I saw how my class was adjusting to these rules since I introduced it to them a few weeks ago along with our star chart. I was so happy that they were all improving with their behavior and have been getting stars, they also had the end of the month party as promised all thanks to my co-teacher. Its exciting to see little changes make a huge difference. I was also hoping to start that with the class I've been working with this past week, its been a struggle because there are 20 kids and maybe 3 or 4 of them the rest have a hard time. These are also the kids that will be moving into my class in August... Its always a work in progress. This past week I found myself yelling a lot, which I truly try so hard to avoid. I realize that I need to figure out how to handle these kids before they enter my class. I love my job and no matter what happens I refuse to give up because it's stressful. I believe that as I continue my job I will learn and grow as a teacher keeping things that have worked for my class. I hope you are enjoying these entries, I plan on having more recording my first year as a prek Teacher.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pre-K Teacher- Entry 3

My third week went well, and I am loving my job. I know eventually I will get worn out from the kids,perhaps all the kids in the center... I don't think so. I enjoy doing what I am doing and the more I get to do what I love, I kind of love it even more. It makes me feel proud to say I am a pre-k teacher and I have a class. This morning I was greeted with hugs from a few kids, I love that feeling of knowing the kids actually missed me. I always miss them, I seriously had a day off last week and was sad that I didn't get to see them. I have collected activities books and magazines over the past few years, that all revolve around education, I even made a ton of my own games, not to mention the binders upon binders of themes and units I worked on while I was at school. I have to admit that the past weeks have been spent mostly on behavior in the classroom. It's been challenging with a few students that's for sure, but I am determined that we (my co-teacher and I) will fix the behavior problem eventually. Right now it's all about getting used to all the kids, because I haven't been working with them for that long. This morning I couldn't stop myself from laughing on the inside of course at the random thoughts they come up with, most of which don't make any sense, it's just funny. I can't wait to take pictures and share it on my blog. It's absolutely not the same as when you watch one or two kids, this is completely different, this is after all about 10-16 kids all at once. Our reward chart has been working effectively because they all want that sticker at the end of the day.

These are some of the things we will be doing this week
Our New Unit for the next two weeks is Imagination and everything that goes along with it.

Alphabet Tree will go along with Letter recognition

This sequencing page will be completed after we read the story of Little Red Riding Hood

Coconut/palm tree- I will be using along with the book called Chicka Chicka abc

This will also go along with our New Unit

I like to purchase my charts from dollar tree because I can often find really nice ones that I can use in my class such as this one, I plan on using it for a job chart

I have a few more projects I want to work on before I post anymore pictures, I can't wait for tomorrow.
I hope every has a great night

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre K Teacher-Entry 2

Well I finished my second week already and I can't believe it. I am just so happy and excited to be doing what I have always wanted and dreamed of doing, this is my passion. Yah I know some times being a teacher with a class full of kids who choose not to listen can be annoying, hectic at times and I 100% agree but I also know that kids will test you, scare them once and they will start to turn around. A lot of the things I do in terms of adjusting behavior with kids is because I learned it from my mom. I find that I often channel my mom and tweak it accordingly when I am in class. All my lessons are from my mom, from watching what she did with me and yes some times watching other parents deal with their children when it came to addressing a behavior that we don't like. I have learned each parent is different, some parents maybe tougher on their kids and some may not be as tough. I can't say anything bad about how to parent a child, because I have no kids of my own. One thing is for sure though, in my classroom my kids need to follow my rules and I do hope it is something that they take home with them so their parents see a difference, wishful thinking I suppose. My experiences are also from when I was a nanny, it was only two kids but it was all trial and error. Kids no matter the age will test their limits and the older they get the more limits and more challenging it seems. In my classroom I have to consider all my kids, how their family life is away from school because there is always a stem that starts some where and rolls over to the classroom. I never want to label any child as a trouble maker, I hate it and it makes me feel sad because I know they are more then capable at being a wonderful child (lets be realistic of course there will be moments of bad behavior but it will be to a minimum). So this past week my co-teacher and I worked on classroom rules, and to be honest it's trial and error. We agreed on some rules and have started working with the kids on correcting their behavior in class. It may not seem like it's not a big deal but in our classroom we want to have our kids to be excited for school and engaged in all the activities we do with them. We also created a reward system which is working out well with the kids right now because they really want a sticker at the end of the day. My co-teacher also included a chart which I secretly wished I had thought of, but it's a team work effort. He made a chart of all the behaviors that he notices during the day that we both want to stop. An example is running, not listening, using indoor voices ect. these behaviors some times may happen in the morning and then stop by the afternoon, and then start up again. I had a child come up to me and ask "Was I good today?" because he really wanted a sticker so this was a great opportunity to go back to our chart and see what things he did through out the day that would determine if his behavior would allow him a sticker. What we hope to accomplish with these charts is to change the behavior and have a party every month hopefully. I can't wait to put up some pictures of my classroom and of course I will put up pictures of our charts so stay tuned for that. I will also be working on some things for our classroom so have more activities to do during the day.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Stay tuned for more activities coming your way soon.
Miss K

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New Job as a PRE-K Teacher- Entry 1

I just started working last week as a Pre-k teacher and so far it's been interesting. It's been my dream to finally work with a class full of children, yah not the kind that run around screaming (although, there is a bit of that going on too). I have been looking forward to this opportunity for ages and I am so excited and figured everything I will be doing there could be a potential new post on my blog. Since starting at my new job, I sadly caught a cold that was going around and it sucked because I ended up losing my voice, and was forced to take two days off to rest, the first day was Tuesday and the second sick day was Friday. Since I took Friday to rest through the weekend, I do feel a little better and I did find my voice again which is great. My advice for anyone starting out brand new in a classroom full of children is prepare your immune system, get lots of rest, take lots of vitamin C and drink lots of fluids and if you do get sick at the first sign of sickness take your medication. Besides getting sick the first week I loved working in the Pre-K room. I guess it's just the excitement I feel of being an actual teacher in a class full of kids, so I am hopeful that this week will be so much better because I will be able to communicate better with my voice (since I had no voice last week). I am working with another teacher, which is great because it's nice to be able to bounce off ideas together, and he is so open and kind to my suggestions or ideas. So with this new post of mine, I have decided that I will be doing a journal entry every week about my experience in this classroom. I hope to inspire others who have always wanted to work with young children as a teacher. You have to understand too that this is also new to me, so every experience I face I hope to do it with an open mind and a positive attitude even though some times it's hard to be positive 24/7. Some of the things I hope to accomplish this week would be:

1. Find a new way to help the kids practice writing their names
2. Find a new way to help the kids practice their letter writing
3. Find a new way to help the kids practice number writing
4. Instill some classroom and rug rules for them to follow
5. Instill some discipline in the classroom if rules are not followed

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Can't believe that Valentin's Day is around the corner. The stores already have out all of the Valentine's Day stuff and some of the March stuff too. YIKES! We just started the new year... I chose to post this early in case anyone is thinking of ideas for what to make on Valentine's Day with their kids or if you are someone who works with kids and just want's to get a head start on some ideas for that day.

I would like to believe that Valentine's Day is not just about hearts, flowers, candy and giving gifts like we see advertised on tv and in the stores. The story behind Valentines day, Yes has very much to do with romance, but how do you take a holiday such as Valentines Day and turn it in to something for kids that avoids a popularity contest as to which kid is liked more by their peers. We have to be able to teach kids that love has to do with more than just romance, because they probably don't fully understand it themselves. Love is a word that has different meanings for example I love strawberries, I love my family, I love my husband, I love my friends, I love my life... You get the idea, when we talk about love to young children we should teach them that love includes kindness and the willingness to help someone or do something special for someone else, basically to be selfless on that day, but hopefully it's everyday and remembering that in our class we are all friends.
When I was in school, we would hand out Valentines Day cards and candy, and make something for our parents. I remember one time I made coupons for my mom for the entire year, each one said something different, like for one week I will do the dishes, or I will help clean for a week or day. I think it's great fun when kids get to make something to give to a family member,teacher or friends. Although, I honestly never understood the holiday as a child, I mean why do we even celebrate Valentine's Day? As a child I just liked to make stuff on that day, until I learned about the meaning behind this holiday. So below is a quick video on the history of Valentine's Day. This is a day to show someone important in our lives that we care and we are thinking of them. I have also included some great gift ideas below so don't forget to check those out too after watching the videos.

Check out the reaction of these kids on Valentine's Day, it's really cute.

Now don't get me wrong I would love to get something handmade from a child, it's the best feeling in the world to know this child is thinking of you. So here are some ideas for Valentine's Day gifts you can make with young children:

1. Coupon Book
2. Picture Frame include your favorite picture with you and the person you plan on gifting it to
3. Cookies because everyone loves cookies
4. An I LOVE YOU Because book, this doesn't have to be long just a sentence and your child can draw a picture
5. Make a mug for grandparents get a white mug and have the kids draw a picture or write out I Love You or Happy Valentines Day using permanent marker (check online for details on making it wash away proof)
6. Make a favorite meal for someone in your family
7. Cards are a popular gift for just about anyone
8. Make a Valentine's Day Note Pad and a decorative pen (check my pinterest page for details)for Teachers
take some construction paper fold in half and draw a shape such as a heart, then cut it out leaving space to attach additional pages, then using printer paper cut in the same way as the heart (fold in half and cut the heart) and then put the pages next to each other inside the construction paper heart and staple the note pad.
9. Make a Puzzle; you can print out your favorite photos of your friend or your child's friend and decorate it, laminate it, cut out puzzle pieces, then put it in a zip lock bag with a card and give it to them as a gift.

For more ideas Check out my pinterest page under Valentines Day
Understanding the history of Valentine's Day makes this holiday special because there is meaning behind it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


I recently found this video on it's a great video to use to teach young children about Martin Luther King Jr.

Young children are very impressionable and in most cases don't understand that no matter if we have different skin color or if we have a handicap that we are still the same. I think that this video will make them understand that even though on the outside we are different, we are all the same on the inside. I have seen children make fun of other children or just others in general because they are different in the way they look. We live in a day in age where bullying takes place at our children's schools. Marten Luther King Jr. had a dream that we could all be friends and kind to one another. Some important words do discuss with your children is Peace, Love and Hope. This is a great opportunity to teach young children to treat each other fairly. Another thing you could do with your children (I got this idea from is write an a cloud What they wish could be done to help everyone be friends? I thought this was a great way to have young children, or even the older children to think about their friends or maybe someone they know that is being picked on by other kids. Bullying is a problem and any opportunity to teach children about equality, love and peace as well as hope makes for a better future for anyone that has been bullied or teased at school.

This picture is an example from
Check out
for a free printable the I have a dream class book. I thought this was cute as well and really gets to the point.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Turning one store bought activity in to several fun and educational activities

Hey guys check out my youtube video on how to take a store bought activity placemats and turn them in to a few more education but fun activities to do with your kids. I apologize in advance I do repeat myself several times, I recorded the video several times and was fed up with re-recording. I am still new to the youtube channel and editing videos. Please feel free to leave me comments below and I do plan on making some of the activities I mentioned in the video.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year Resolution

January 1st is the time for a fresh start to a brand new year, so to inspire kids to get a good start in 2014, have them or encourage them to write their goals for 2014. This is the time for self reflection in order for individual growth and wisdom to occur with your child. If their goal is to read more, study hard, ace a test, get in to a play or on a sports team by the end of the year. I feel like setting goals to work towards is a great way to show that hard work will get you where you want to be. Even for a young child who really wants to get a certain game or even reaching a specific score on a game allows children to learn to work hard and practice so they reach their goals.

You can do several things with your kids who are between 6-12 years of age.
1. Create a long term goal depending on where they are in their life at that moment it could be anything that will take time and hard work, for example making a sports team by the end of the year.
2. You can take that long term goal and break it down to short term goals for them to achieve per month and then breaking it down to per week.

So for example:
My goal is to make the tennis team by next year-Long Term Goal
My goal is to play a tournament every month- Short Term Goal
My goal is to work on my serving skills each week- Short Term Goal
My goal is to practice every day for 3 hours-Short Term

Goal setting can also be for achieving better grades by the end of the year, or even learning to respect their sibling or parents.
Working on a goal allows your child to look forward to something when they reach their goal, it's a great self-esteem booster and a motivation booster as well. If you are having a hard time with your child being motivated turn the goal setting in to a game, like if they achieve a good grade on their test they will get to go out to their favorite place to eat, or choose a movie they want to see.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

25 Days of Chirstmas Or 12 Days of Christmas

Okay so first I want to say I am sorry for posting this activity late, actually I should have posted it a week before this month actually started but you know with Thanksgiving and family time I just didn't get to it in time. Anyways this activity will be fun to do with your kids just before Christmas. I have it made for 25 days of Christmas but seeing that we have already started December maybe you could do it with 12 days of Christmas. Originally it would have been a calendar for the month of December leading up to Christmas but you can change it to a count down of 12 days instead, which will make it easier and give you extra time to make this activity.

Materials needed
-12 and a 1/2 toilet paper rolls
(you will be cutting the toilet paper rolls
in half that is why there is one extra to make 25 total)
-Poster board (white)
-Green paint
-Paint brush or Foam brush
-Brown marker or brown paint (it's up to you)
-Construction paper in different colors
-Green Tissue paper (optional)
-Note cards
-Pencil and pen

Step 1. Gather materials
Step 2. Draw a Christmas tree on your white poster board
Step 3. Paint it green and the trunk brown (I used Marker for mine)
Step 4. Optional you can make gift boxes stick them on the bottom as I did
Step 5. Create an activity list of 25 or 12 things you would like to do with your kids every day until Christmas day
Check out my pinterest for christmas ideas board up above. I also have a page on my blog that has pictures of different items you can purchase and then decorate with your kids. Coming up with activities is really not that hard this time of year. It can be anything from going sledding all the way to baking cookies or watching movies.
Quick list
Help decorate Christmas tree
Make a Christmas ornament date it and put your name on it too
Make a ginger bread house
Make a picture frame as a gift
Make or draw on a mug and fill it with candy for another gift
Make sugar cookies or ginger bread cookies
Go sledding
See Christmas lights
Watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in town
Watch your favorite Christmas movie
Listen to your favorite Christmas CD and sing along
Decorate your own stocking

The list can go on and on so just be creative and enjoy your time with your kids and have fun.
Step 6. Cut all the toilet paper rolls in half
Step 7. Cover them with construction paper ( I used three colors but it's up to you)
Step 8. Cut out circles to cover one end of the rolls
Step 9. Number the circles and begin thinking about the placement of the rolls
You can do them in order, you can mix the numbers up and have younger kids find the correct number for the correct day.
It's up to you how you want to do that. Putting the numbers in different order will help with number recognition and putting them in order will help young children learn what comes next.
Step 10. On your activity list you can have anything from making a gift each day for different people in your family, making ornaments to put on the tree, decorating the house, watching a movie, doing something fun with the family, baking cookies, making a picture frame, est. For more ideas check out pinterest above this page and look at either my page or search Christmas ideas. I also have pictures of things you can buy at the stores for very low cost to make with your kids.
Step 11. Once you have the list in order to the days you want to do the activities write them down on each note card and place them in to the toilet paper rolls.
Step 12. Cover each roll with the circles you cut out previously and number them and then glue them on to the tree based on the order you would like to put them in.
Step 13. Have the list handy so you can purchase the materials for each activity
Step 14. Each day have your child punch open the roll and pull out the note card and have your oldest child read the card to you or your younger child and proceed with the activity for that day.
This will be very fun and will keep your kids occupied for hours, put in two activities if you want to do them on the same day, it is up to you and don't forget to have fun with your kids as well.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Note: The toilet paper rolls are meant to look like ornaments on the Christmas tree, that is why we have different colors, and the tissue paper is meant for filling in the empty spaces but I opted out of using the tissue paper because the rolls filled the entire tree. Another idea you can have your kids add Christmas themed stickers all around the tree or on the tree. If you are even feeling more creative fill in the extra space with Christmas lights, just poke holes and string them in the holes and hang up your calendar so then you can light it up as well. Just make sure the bulbs are not touching the board when lite it could be a fire issue.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Just A Little Reminder....

This is also a sneak peek at the project/activity I am currently working on to do with our Sunday school class for the next few classes. I just want this to be a reminder too, that you should always be thankful, even when there are no holidays coming up. I feel like the only time anyone posts anything about being thankful is when the holidays are coming up. We will be working on this project from now until January, so I think it's good to start right now. Pictures of the finished project will be up as we finish each portion.

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